A Valentine’s Day Wedding: Pink, Red, White, and Chocolate

wedding bouquet

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world as a festival to celebrate love and sweetness, and a wedding on that special day would be truly spectacular!

Traditional colours associated with V-day are red, pink, and white, but it’s great to have a darker accent colour to make the lighter hues jump out and dance. Since chocolate is such a popular dessert gift on that holiday, consider adding touches of rich choco-brown to your palette—but only subtly!

You really want to focus on the warm-hued triad, with chocolate being just a gentle hint around the edges. It can be used as the font colour in your invitations/programs, or in actual chocolate form in various places around your venue.Ring in a book creating a heart

Roses are always associated with V-Day as well, and using them as part of your theme adds an extra dimension of romance and elegance to your day. A bouquet in assorted shades of pink, cream/white, and red just squeals of tradition, while wrapping them up in some brown and pink lace would give it a handmade touch with a bit of vintage charm. You can use that rose theme in your decor, scatter petals on tables and sideboards, and even have rose-scented sachets or candles as take-away gifts.

A Valentine’s Day wedding is the perfect opportunity to get decked out in the flowy dress of your dreams—be that in yards of antique lace, rustling silk, or skin-tight satin. If you’re aiming for a classic look, stick with white or cream that will complement the bright pinks and reds, and consider pearls or rubies as jewellery pieces.

A pair of pink or red shoes peeking out from beneath a pale dress adds a playful touch, as would a hair fascinator in similar hues. More daring brides can get dresses with pink or red accents on them, or even go for solid crimson, fuschia, or peony-pink as a dress colour.

If your wedding consists of 2 brides, consider dressing one in white and one in red with matching bouquets. Matching dresses could also be sweet, perhaps with complementary sashes (one pink, one brown; or one red, one pink, etc.) Doll up your bridesmaids in hues from your bouquet, and get the groomsmen to incorporate pink and brown into their boutonnieres or ties.

v-day chocolate love

Most people associate V-Day with candy and chocolate, so this is the perfect opportunity to have the ultimate dessert table: have an assortment of apothecary jars, milk glass candy dishes, and large crystal goblets full of all kinds of different candies, and use cupcake/dessert stands to display delicate morsels like macarons, petit-fours, and tartlets.

A melted chocolate fountain would be a great idea too! Feel free to incorporate strawberries and raspberries into your desserts and you can even tie your wedding colours into your meal as well: tomato-cream sauces are a lovely shade of pink, as is anything made with beets (like roasted beet salad with goat cheese, walnuts, and pears, for example).

As far as drinks go, consider having a signature cocktail at your wedding—it’ll make a lovely impact on your guests and will continue the theme for the entire celebration. A cute, sweet pink drink like the Midnight Rose would tie in nicely with the other rose-themed decorative pieces, while a more tart libation like a Cranberry Milano embodies the deep red of true love.

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