Seating Guests At Your Reception

seating guests

One of the problems that many people encounter when planning a wedding is the wedding reception seating. When you are planning your reception seating, you need to consider many different factors – such as family differences, coworkers, personalities, and so on. To ensure that you are able to keep everyone happy and still in the same room, here are some tips and ideas to help you seat your guests at the reception.

Family and Friends – Usually when planning the wedding reception seating family generally will sit together. The closer the family is to the bride and groom the closer they should be sitting to the head table. That can be said for friends to as if friends are very close to newly wed couple, if they are not at the head table, they should be sitting somewhat near it,

Different personalities – You have to take into account the personalities of the people that will be coming to a wedding. If you have a friend who uses profanity and drinks a lot you probably do not want him sitting with a bunch of children. It is good to spread people out so that people get to meet each other but you need to be comfortable with friends or family that can be outgoing and courteous.

Putting certain friends together or co-workers at one table is a good idea considering they all know each other. Everyone should be comfortable when sitting down for a wedding meal and the more people know each other the more comfortable they will be.

Children – Sometimes a children’s table is good to have as it also makes it easier for the people serving the food as many times the children have a different menu. Also if the food that will be at the wedding reception is a buffet you need to have enough room on the floor where people will be walking to and from the buffet line.

Floor Plans – When planning the seating at a wedding reception you need to figure out the best floor plan for the tables. Obviously the head table should be in an area where everyone can see it and close enough so that everyone at the reception can hear when the head table makes toasts and announcements.

It is a good option to put the head table at the front facing the entire audience as they will be in sight by all as well as able to be heard by the audience. Sometimes at a big wedding microphones and a sound system can be used so that they can be heard.

When spacing the tables there should be room for people to turn their chairs around so they can see the head table. This is generally for if round tables are used for the reception. Leave some room, if you are able, so they can turn their chairs and see and hear the head table so they cannot have their backs turned when there are speeches, announcements, or toasts by the people at the head table.

The wedding reception seating should be arranged where all the guests will be comfortable as well as the couple getting married. Take some time to look at the people at the wedding and then plan the seating accordingly. Making sure that all your guests are seated in the right places will help to keep any problems and disturbances to a minimum at your reception.

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