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Who Pays for What?

This is one of the most common questions we get from readers and we’ve decided to answer it in this month’s featured article.

Before I get started I want you to understand that it is perfectly acceptable for non-traditional arrangements to be made for handling wedding related payments. From feedback and consumer spending, we see that more and more brides and grooms taking financial responsibility for themselves.

In fact, we often see practicality taking the place of tradition in modern day weddings. Having said that – tradition still dictates the following rules of finance.

So, let’s get started on who’s responsible for paying the difference expenses incurred during a wedding.

The BRIDE is responsible for paying for the groom’s wedding ring, her personal lingerie, gifts for the female attendants, personal stationary, lodging for her out of town attendants, a bridesmaids luncheon, and the gift for the groom.

The GROOM is responsible for paying for the Bride’s engagement and wedding rings, the marriage license and any other legal documents required by your state. The Bride’s bouquet, the bride’s going away corsage, corsages for the mothers and grandmothers on both sides, all of the boutonnieres, lodging for his out of town attendants, the fee for the clergy, the honeymoon and transportation, gifts for the groom’s attendants and (let’s not forget) the gift for the bride!

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The ATTENDANTS are to pay for their attire including dress, tuxedo, and accessories, but not flowers.

The BRIDESMAIDS are usually responsible for giving the bride a shower. Today, a good idea is to have a couples shower; it’s a lot of fun and the groom gets to be involved

The GROOMSMEN usually give the groom a party while the USHERS are responsible for their attire.

The flower-girls’ and ring-bearers’ PARENTS are to pay for this related attire, though today, the parents of the bride often purchases these items for the little ones. You will probably need to closely evaluate the closeness of the families and parents before deciding on how you want to handle this.

The groom’s PARENTS are responsible for the rehearsal dinner, their own attire, their travel and hotel expenses, getting the gifts to the newlyweds new home, and a gift for the couple.

The bride’s PARENTS are responsible for the majority of the affairs at hand. They need to handle the cost of their own attire, all the decorating costs, facility rental, invitations, wedding photography, the bride’s gown, attire and accessories, musicians, bridesmaids and flower-girl bouquets, the entire reception, gratuities, and a wedding gift for the couple.

You may now be able to see why many fathers of the bride “TRADITIONALLY” offer to pay for an elopement!

Hope you enjoyed the article! Stick around and check out the rest of the website too!

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